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International Labour day

By Cia Barsen:

International Labour day

“We are the 99%”, the slogan of the occupy movement has today cemented its place as one of the most radical and global movement in history. First initiated by the Canadian activist group called Adbusters, and in part inspired by the Arab Spring, has now become the most prominent voice against capitalism world over.
The slogan “We are the 99%” not only encompasses the brutal poverty and indignant human condition that characterizes capitalism’s mode of production, but also sends a clear and direct message to the 1% that has bestowed this misery on humanity: that their exploitation will no longer continue

This movement has attracted thousands of men and women to march down the streets in America, Europe and the world over, to demonstrate that the only way towards securing a standard of living that dignifies the human being will be to overthrow the capitalist regime of inequality.

Although the Western media has relentless tried to frame this movement as “disorganized” and “disruptive rioters”, the movement has showed its resilience through its use of alternative and independent media forms to dispel and discredit the distorted Western media’s depictions. Further, through different media forms, this movement has been able to organize masses to protest at a speed and efficiency that is truly unparalleled in history.  In their groups the 99 percent movement demonstrated that not only it can envision a better world, but can enact and actualize its example in their way of protests, division of labour, media resourcefulness, horizontal decision making, egalitarian division of resources: that the struggle for the better world can and should mimic the person to person relationships and economics of the better world. 

This movement has been years in the making. From one recession to the next, as a reaction to the capitalist form of production, the working class through decades of class struggle, has matured, armed and readied itself for this climax in history. The future has never been as clear as it is today. The line between “them” and “us” has never been this bold. Capitalists, special interests, corporations and profit have now been forever demonized the world over. Not even the Western media can easily apologies for the income disparity between the 1% and the 99%: this is now completely unjustifiable and inexcusable.

As the global markets fluctuate through this recession while corporations and government try to impose cut-throat austerity measures, the working class knows that there is an alternative. A long term answer to unemployment and poverty is not a market place solution, but a world without profit, corporate greed, and inequality: a world without capitalism.

The working class will no longer accept any short-term reform as a solution to capitalism misery. The working class will no longer choose any government that guise as “left” to win grass roots support to endorse corporate interests. We know today by the endearing struggle of the people in American cities such as Washington, and European cities such as London, Madrid and Athens and the Middle East that there are no different shades of red, and that there is only one kind of socialism: a world without the exploitation of labour.

Today our generation stands together on the brink of writing a new chapter in humanities struggle for a better world. Capitalism can no longer apologize for its existence in any shape or form; it stands bare with its conflicts and contradictions. It is our task to the final steps towards emancipating not only our generation, but generations to come.   

On May 1st, we call on the 99 percent to stand together in unity that is our strength, to demand a world where human rights and dignity are no longer just paper proclamations, but a way of life: a world that actualizes the many years of struggle for a better life.

Occupy Wall Street march People at an anti-Wall Street march walked from Foley Square, past City Hall and into Zuccotti Park. Original Filename: _JLK6070.jpg Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.
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