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Chia Barsen: The Scottish independence vote!

On September 18th Scottish citizens above the age of 16 are eligible to vote for Scottish “independence” in a referendum. The Scottish National Party (SNP) calls to the voters to vote “Yes” during the referendum for Scottish independence, while the two major political parties (the Conservatives and Labour) are urging the public to vote “No”. Here the imperialist nations and corporations, including the U.S administration and BP and Shell oil giants, are all lending a hand to the UK government in the media campaign for the “No” vote. SNP decided that the 18th of September would be the perfect time for the referendum since the hearts and minds of Scottish citizens would be bubbling with all the nationalism inspiring events including the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2014 Ryder Cup. 

The word “independence” should and must be clarified here. The working-class in the UK, coming home from their day or night jobs are continuously being bombarded with the mutilated capitalist narrative definition of what “independence” means. This so called “separation” from the UK is by no means a William Wallace feat for freedom, but a breach from a 300 years old economic tie that dates back to 1707. Currently these economic ties are agricultural, oil, finance, human resources, currency, manufacture and much more. However, one of the most significant issues in this vote is the North Sea oil. Due to the relatively small population of Scotland, the “yes” vote will increase the per capita GDP of Scotland above countries such as France and Italy. The so called “independence” vote only means profit made and profit lost, contracts breached, factories relocated, new contracts forged and old contracts nulled. The “yes” campaign has given the public 10 major reasons to decide their vote: among these reasons are employment, oil and “democracy”.

The Tories and the Labour party in the UK have decided to plead to public in scramble to make sure the referendum vote does not go astray. David Cameron does not even delve into the behemoth financial disruption this will create for the UK corporations and he patronizingly dumbs the conversation down and distracts from the real issues and refers to the UK as a “family”. The BBC describes him as becoming “emotional”, as he stated that his “heart” would be broken “if this family of nations is torn apart”. The Labour party on the other hand has tried to tickle its left leaning past by saying that the entire UK is in the same struggle for “fairness, justice and equality”. 

By voting “Yes” or “No”, it will not at all limit the reach of England’s corporate economic domination of Scotland. The wage slaves in Scotland will not wake up to lower working hours, higher wages, job security, better healthcare and education or a higher standard of living due to the North Sea Oil. Make no mistake, the profits percentage, the ratio, will not change. The profits are not going to be divided in a fair way; the working class will not stop being economically exploited. The unfair share that the corporations steal away from the working people’s pay cheques and added taxes will continue. If the Scottish National Party had an agenda for the Scottish people towards some sort of a better quality of life, with very realistic road map for Scotland to disentangle itself from the world wage-slavery market, or the blood sucking World Bank, or to even nationalize its oil, then it would be worth voting “Yes”. However this is not the case. The SNP and the politicians in England are in a battle to decide who gets the lion’s share of the pie. These are the two lions discussing with the sheep what will be on the menu for supper. 

The word “independent” in this vote is a complete fabrication in its meaning for the working people. The working-class in England and Scotland share their unity in struggling against the giant corporations that have strung a web across all of the UK. The unemployment, the wage cuts and the cuts to social services is the face of capitalism the world over. If the recent financial collapse has underscored and highlighted one fact, it would be that the line is clearly drawn in sand in terms of economic war between the haves and the have-nots, the 99% and the 1%. This is where the focus of the struggle should be, this is where the working-class needs to continue to organize and fight in new and innovative ways against wage slavery. 

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