Communist Youth Organization

The Youth Branch of The Workers’ Communist Party of Iran

March 8th: the struggle against the executioners of gender equality

Internationally, women’s rights and freedoms continue to be under attack by the instruments of patriarchy, organized religion and global capitalism. Women’s right to equal pay, to education, to vote, to birth control and abortion, to work and to own property, to be free from rape and sexual assault, to have marital or parental rights, are still on-going struggles in many countries around the world.

In the West, a woman’s reproductive rights and her right to her body are still subjects for debate in elections and under attacks by right-wing parties. In the Middle-East, the subjugation and domination of women in the market and at home are the cornerstone of all domestic politics and foundational characteristics of all Islamic regimes.

From Rouhani of Iran, Erdogan of Turkey, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, el-Sisi of Egypt, Hussain of Pakistan, to Islamic terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, al-Nusrah Front: denominators of misogyny, gender apartheid and gender-based violence are apparent. The Sharia of Islam is unparalleled in its dehumanizing and degradation of women’s rights and freedoms. The oppression of women under Islam is complete with patriarchal laws controlling how women can dress (the hijab), laws on marriage, reproductive rights, sexual rights, parental rights, heritage rights and educational rights.  

Today, the struggle of women against organized and state religions, such as Islam, is a fight against patriarchy and fight for women’s rights and freedoms. Never has there been a time for anti-theist movements as today. Women from around the world must fight for a secular state that guarantees actions and actively pursues tackling all socioeconomic gender based inequalities.

By using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, people around the world must expose and publicize all gender based violence wherever they occur. States that execute women’s rights and freedoms must be humiliated publicly. These states, wherever they send their representatives, must be reminded with protests and grand spectacle that the feminists, socialists and humanists around the world will not forgive or forget their crimes against humanity, their crimes against women.

In Iran, millions of women are prisoners of the Islamic regime. Women in Iran are facing harassment for wearing improper hijabs, execution (by stoning) for adultery, and are forced into prostitution due to widespread poverty.  Women are also not allowed access to birth control or abortion clinics, forcing them to use dangerous methods to terminate their pregnancies. However, despite the Islamic regime’s continuous assault of their rights and freedoms, women in Iran are resilient. By secretly dancing, listening to Western music, and removing their hijabs, they demonstrate to the world that the Islamic regime does not represent them and they will never be free unless the Islamic regime is overthrown.
The communist Youth Organization of Iran represents the millions of women in Iran that are trapped within the walls of the Islamic regime. We recognize women’s struggle as working-class struggle for social and economic equality for all humanity. We also recognize that tomorrow’s socialist revolution in Iran and all Islamic stricken countries must be a women’s revolution. Only through a total, unequivocal and uncompromising gender equality can a better world be possible!

We are the future and the future is socialism!

Communist Youth Organization

March 8th 2016 
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