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Call for the expulsion of the Islamic regime of Iran from the international community on account of its genocidal behaviour and disregard for human life

Mr António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations
United Nations Secretariat
405 East 42nd Street
New York NY 10017

20 October 2020

Dear Mr Secretary-General,

Your report on the Human Rights Situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran to the 75th session of the General Assembly, published last week, does draw attention to the gross violations of human rights in Iran, in particular in the past few years. Your report once again confirms what the people of Iran and our Party have been saying, and campaigning on, regarding the atrocities committed by the Islamic regime of Iran throughout its forty-two-year existence.

Anyone reading your report, as well as the comprehensive report published by Amnesty International in September this year on the horrific atrocities committed by the Islamic regime in Iran during and in the aftermath of the November 2019 protests (Iran: Trampling Humanity - Mass Arrests, Disappearances and Torture since Iran’s 2019 November Protests) can reach no other conclusion than that such a regime should be politically and diplomatically boycotted by all states and international bodies - first and foremost the United Nations - and ostracised from the international community.

The recommendations in your report, however, while rightly holding the Islamic regime of Iran to account for its horrific crimes and applying further pressures on it to force it to abide by basic internationally recognised human rights standards and protocols, which are welcome, fall crucially short of what the people of Iran are demanding and expect from the world community. As evidenced by your own report and the documentary record of the behaviour of the Islamic regime in its murderous history, the political state called the 'Islamic Republic of Iran' (the 'republic' being a misnomer) is not a 'normal', regular state, even in the most basic sense of that term. This regime is not the legitimate 'Government of Iran', or the representative of the people of Iran, even in the most rudimentary diplomatic and legal sense of that term. The continued existence of this regime has only been possible by its use of sheer terror and medieval violence and brute force against the people and by the total absence of any mechanisms of free political representation or redress. This regime is in power, not due to the wishes of the people of Iran expressed in any free elections - because such a mechanism does not exist - but solely through killing and repression. This regime, therefore, does not meet even the most basic formal requirements of a government entity, supposedly representing the people of a country. The Islamic regime of Iran is a rogue and a pariah proto-state and force. A body of economic bandits and political assassins, which has already, through its criminal actions both inside and outside the country, forfeited the right to be part of the international community. For this reason, any true, effective measure to put an end to the murderous actions of this barbaric force and to free the people of Iran and the world of this menace must include its expulsion from, and ostracization by the international community, just as the world once did with the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.

The human rights crimes committed by the Islamic regime of Iran over its over four decades-long existence, including the massacres of tens of thousands of dissidents and political prisoners in the 1980s, the continued imprisonment, torture and execution of labour, women's rights and student activists, and, more recently, the killing of around 1,500 protesters during the November 2019 uprising, the deliberate downing of the passenger airliner, flight PS752, killing all 176 people onboard, and, last but not least, the abhorrent execution in September this year of champion wrestler Navid Afkari for having participated in anti-government protests, despite calls by millions of people around the world for his release, are only comparable to the most horrific political crimes in human history, such as the Nazi exterminations, the massacre of communists in Indonesia and the genocide in Rwanda.

This regime has absolutely no mandate from the people of Iran and no legitimacy with them. In their numerous nationwide protests and strikes over the years, and through massive, international campaigns, people of Iran have made clear their feelings about this regime: The Islamic regime of Iran is not their representative. This regime is merely a killing machine of corrupt political and economic criminals, who arrest, imprison, torture and murder in order to survive. The continued existence of this regime is destructive not only to the people of Iran, but also, as a reactionary force and through its terrorism, to people in the countries of the region, such as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, as well as to the people of the world. Every second of survival of this regime is a blight on the conscience of humanity.

Just as the regime of racial apartheid was once rejected and boycotted by the world community for its denial of human status to the majority of its population, so the Islamic regime of Iran, the regime of 'gender apartheid', should be rejected and boycotted for its denial of human status to women and for its countless other crimes. This is what we the people of Iran are demanding and expect from the world community.

Specifically, we are calling on your organisation to respond to the atrocities of the Islamic regime of Iran by:

1- Withdrawing diplomatic recognition from the Islamic regime of Iran as a 'member state of the United Nations', for its failure to meet the requirements of a state body, on account of its lack of legitimacy with the people of Iran and its genocidal behaviour and total disregard for human life;

2- Urging all member states of the United Nations to also withdraw their diplomatic recognition from the Islamic regime of Iran;

3- Restoring the newly expired arms embargo on the Islamic regime of Iran by reviving the relevant resolutions or adopting new ones so that this regime is unable to buy or sell conventional arms to promote its terror activities inside or outside the country;

4- Urging all member states to apply the strongest political, cultural, sporting and academic sanctions against the Islamic regime of Iran;

5- Working with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to revoke the membership of the Islamic regime of Iran in that organisation for its years of harassment, imprisonment, torture and flogging of labour activists for pursuing their legitimate demands and denial of the right to workers to freely organise in their independent organisations in pursuit of their demands;

6- Working towards convening an international court to investigate and bring the leaders and officials of the Islamic regime of Iran to justice for their crimes against humanity;

7- Working with relevant states and international legal and security organisations to apprehend and detain, upon entry to their territories, the leaders and officials of the Islamic regime of Iran, that are suspected of involvement in crimes against humanity, pending initiation of legal proceedings against them.

While welcoming your denunciation of the human rights atrocities committed by the Islamic regime of Iran, as outlined in your latest report, we wish to reiterate that only by undertaking measures such as those set out above, can effective, meaningful action be taken to stop the atrocities of this regime against the people of Iran, while also safeguarding the people of the world from its pernicious activities and threats.

Yours sincerely
Hamid Taqvaee,
Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
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