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Discharging of university masters is condemned

A new wave of discharging of university masters in different university in Iran by their directors aggravated in past few days. Islamic regime wants to prevent protesting of student and people in the beginning of new term of schools and universities. Shariati director of Alameh University just fired 15 university masters. Amid Zanjani in Tehran University did the same thing as last year. Except these pressures they circularized the departments which wants to travel foreign destination must be under security control. At the moment president Ahmadinejad and the other ministers wants to hide this action to protect from protesters.
Islamic régime in Iran is extreme poverty and has fear of any protestation in Iran and worldwide. We have to demonstrate against the régime. Teachers and students must demonstrate as a union against these. Security section in university must be removed.
Communist youth organization call the students, teachers and university masters to organize a demonstration and protest to these middle-aged barbarities. Writing letters to human right organizations and joining worldwide campaigns against Islamic Republic is the other way to Islamic regimes algebra.
Down with Islamic Republic
Long live socialism
Communist youth organization

Pressure increases on the Student’s activist in several cities of Iran
“Hedayat Ghazali” and “Sabah Nasri” of Tehran University students and also collaborators of “Rojame”, the Student’s paper, have been arrested by security forces for more than a month and there is nothing to be heard about their status, their place of keeping and the reason of their arrest. Family of this two imprisoned student are worried about their son and daughter being under pressure and the uncertainty around their situation.
After a year of arrest of Abolfazl Jahandar, Keivan Ansari and Sayid Dreakhshandi, 3 of student activists, their decree is still to be declared and they are still in temporary arrest. A court for attending the accusations against Abolfazl Jahandar took place in Wednesday, 23rd of August, in the Penal Court of state judicial institution; but this court took place without a notice to advocate lawyer of Abolfazl Jahandar. Hadi Kahalzade, Abolfazl Jahandar, Keivan Ansari and Sayid Derakhshandi have been infected with several diseases due to months of endurance of solitary cell and long hunger strike. These 3 imprisoned students haven’t got a parole permit yet and they didn’t let a professional doctor attend Abolfazl Jahandar even when he had a waist injury.
Government officials and their representatives in the Isfahan Universities have given their outmost pressure to students of 2 Universities in this city; this is to an extent that they have closed more than 15 Student-Cultural associations and even Sport’s Associations like the Mountaineer’s Association. They have also shut down the Islamic Association of Students with its 14 sub organizations. Pressuring the students has been mainly by intimidation and threatening the parents of students and at the other hand, summoning to the Revolution Committees and Disciplinary Committees were among their other common methods. There have also been telephones and personal threatening of Students to their dismissal from the University and some of these has been accompanied beating them up by unknown sources. CCTVs has been installed all around the university, 16 of them only in Medical Faculty, to control all the Student’s actions. The Deputy of University has personally summoned the students and threatens them with exposing the personal and classified information of those with a political background. Formation of judicial and disciplinary cases without issuing the decree means without having an official decree they will be practically out from any political action for months and years and this breaches their social rights.
What follows are only few examples:
· Making a case for Meisam Golestani, Alireza Najafian, Ali Davoodi, Mohamad Hasan Talebi, Moahammad Sadeghi Amin-ghaleyi, Mohamad Amin Madhoosh, Ahmad Mirzayi, Ramin Fateh, Amir Amirian
They are with open cases and without an official decree since 2002 and are regularly summoned to the Information’s Department and Revolution Court for questioning.
· Mr. Vahid Shookoohi-Nia was threatened and beaten up by unknown people on 3rd of August, 2006. This is due to his special relations with members of Islamic Association and the secret financial support.
· In the educational year of 2006-2007, More than 200 of Isfahan University students have been summoned to Disciplinary Committee for several reasons.
Shahre Rey:
46 students of Azad University, Shahre Rey have been convicted by Disciplinary Committee in recent days. Of 46, only 3 were summoned to the Disciplinary Committee and other students were convicted absently without having a chance to defend themselves. There is not a precise news about the content of issued decrees but it is said that most of them are based on “disregarding the Student principles” and “Lack of proper clothing” while 2 of cases is for clashing with “Physical Support” forces. It is noteworthy that these decrees are issued when the Azad University, Shahre Rey and specially its administrative sections are in a half-closed status in this time of the year.

Pupils of a high school in Hamburg demonstrate opposite the Islamic Republic consulate to protest the executions in IranMonday, 20th of August 2007, a number of pupils from the Korvey school in Hamburg demonstrated opposite the Islamic Republic consulate to protest the execution of youth in Iran. The same pupils had also demonstrated in late July opposing the execution decree for Sina and to generally protest the executions in Iran.Their second demonstration happened last week. According to the contacts made between Nazanin Boroomand and the teacher of pupils, Ms. Gabriella, one of the parents and another teacher were also present in the demonstration. She says: “pupils succeed in attracting people’s attention with their banners and slogans in the busiest time of the day.” After half an hour, somebody came from the Embassy, guarded by 2 cops, telling the demonstrators that they are doing a meaningless thing as execution is not a threat for Sina anymore and they better end their demo. The representative of the Embassy told the teacher that she should declare in the school that not a single young person is going to be executed in Iran. Ms. Gabriela answered with saying that she and pupils will surely pursue the matter. They have enough sources to seek the truth about what is going on in Iran and they wouldn’t give up easily. She added that the fact that the Embassy person is being escorted with 2 cops has given a sense to her and to pupils that they, the demonstrators, are criminals and felons not the Islamic Republic! She also said that the fact that pupils of a school in Germany have demonstrated against the executions of Islamic Republic has worried the Embassy people and they were taken by surprise.Another important action from this school is a seminar that is going to take place in the school about the execution of youth in Iran and the International Committee Against Executions is also invited.The International Committee Against Executions and the Germany Organization of Worker-communist Party of Iran deeply honor these efforts and recognize it as an example of international solidarity of humans against the Capital Punishment and criminal acts of the Islamic Republic. We call on all libertarian people for solidarity with struggles of Iranian people and adding the pressure against the Islamic Republic. International Committee Against Executions (ICAE)The Abroad Organization of Worker-communist Party of Iran – Germany 25th of August 2007

Strikes and Struggles of Sugar Cane workers of Haft-tape (located in Khuzistan Province, Iran)
The workers of “Sugar Cane Company of Haft-tape” have stroke more than 15 times and have also held several sit-ins since early 2006. they have recently wrote a letter to the chair of International Labor Organization (ILO) declaring that if their demands is not met, they will strike in 27th of August. Workers declared that whenever the government officials have promised to pursue their demands, they have failed to do so. Workers write in their letters: “if the authorities of company and the government of Ahmadinejad fail to pay our belated wages, we will gather in a sit-in and this will not finish until we gain all our demands because all the promises of company officials and the government about solving our, the workers, problems have failed. We are fed up with current situation and we can’t endure the killing expenses of the life with this high inflation.” Demands of the workers, as declared in this letter are: paying the belated wages, paying the bonuses of workers, stopping the Mafia of Sugar, right to form an independent association, increase in bad-weather and housing bonuses, the right of seasonal workers to chose the representatives of workers and jobs classification, retirement of workers who have passed the retirement age, offering the security means for workers, dismissal of factory managing board which are all security and military elements and putting an end to all threats, pressures, and case-making against the Worker’s activists in this factory.
The Haft-tape workers threat to strike was successful
The belated wages of thousands of workers of “Haft-tape sugar cane company” in Khuzistan Province, has been paid by the authorities of this production unit and the agriculture ministry and they have also promised to pursue the guild demands of workers. This has prevented their strike. Only the wages for August have not been paid and the authorities have promised to take care of that in near future.

Announcement no.2
Workers of Kermanshah Bus Company have gave an ultimatum to their employer
As we informed you on 27th of august
, the workers of Kermanshah Bus Company stroke protesting the non-payment their wages for three months. According to the more detailed news that has been published, bus workers of Kermanshah and suburbs stroke on Sunday, 26th of August. The workers, 6000 of them, demands includes pay rise, on-time payment of wages, payment of clothing bonuses of 2005 and 2006 that is yet to be paid, retirement according to the regulations of hard and harmful employments, extensive and permanent insurance, and return to work of Jahanbakhsh Tavakolli, a representative of protesting bus workers who was suspended by the City Council. According to the same report, on Sunday morning, workers gathered in the bus parking of Kermanshah in Azadi Square (Garaj) and turned off their buses. Workers gave a one month ultimatum to the Kermanshah City Council to pursue their demands and warned that they will continue their strike if their demands are not met.
Worker-communist Party backs the strike of Kermanshah Bus Company and calls on all workers and Kermanshah people for solidarity with this strike and ultimatum of workers.
It is a time for workers of bus companies in other cities, especially Tehran, to express their support for this strike and demands of bus workers of Kermanshah, in anyway possible.
Freedom, Equality, Workers Rule
Down with Islamic Republic
Long live Socialist Republic
The Worker-communist Party of Iran
30th of August, 2007

The workers of Kermanshah Bus Company stroke
Workers of Kermanshah Bus Company stroke protesting the non-payment of 3 months of their wages. We will inform the public about details of this event in later announcements. The Worker-communist Party of Iran backs the strike of Kermanshah Bus Company strike and calls on all workers and Kermanshah people to support this strike.
Freedom, Equality, Worker’s Rule
Down with the Islamic Republic
Long live the Socialist Republic
Worker-communist Party of Iran
27th of August 2007
Gathering of tuition teachers opposite the parliament of Islamic Republic
First Day/ 27th of August

A group of tuition teachers gathered opposite the parliament to protest the acts of Education Ministry to organize an employment exam. The demonstrating teachers who have more than 4 years of working experience in Education Ministry believe that the employment exam in irrelevant because they have already took several exams and are right now teaching and working in the Education Ministry. The demonstrating teachers are from Shiraz and Isfahan. One of them says: “since there are more than 48 thousands of tuition teachers working in the Education Ministry, this ministry should first attend them before attemping to employ free forces”.
Second Day/ 28th of Augustthe tuition teachers gathered in front of the Parliament for the second day protesting the employment exam of Education Ministry.

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