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Polytechnic University students under torture in Iran

Following broadcasting of Haleh Esfandiari, Kian Taj-Bakhsh and Ramin Jahan-Begloo’s confessions from the Iranian TV, and despite Iranian and international negative reactions toward broadcasting confessions that have been obtained under pressure and torture, the Iranian security forces insist to continue their projects and obtain more confessions under pressure. Ahmad Ghassaban, editor of a student magazine called “Sahar” (Amir-Kabir Polytechnic University) has been imprisoned in section 209 of Evin’s prison since past May. He was brought to an investigation room and put under pressure by an investigator to accept to confess in front of the camera. Despite all the threats regarding solitary confinement and worsening of his situation he refused to confess in front of the camera. It is worth mentioning that families of Ahamad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakoli, and Ehasan Mansoori (the 3 detained Amir-Kabir University students) through a letter addressed to Shahroodi, the head of judiciary authority, have unveiled the frightening psychological and corporeal tortures that the students have endured during their detainment. This letter has increased worrisome regarding Amir-Kabir students’ condition in prison.
Below is a list of psychological and corporeal tortures recently applied on imprisoned students:
1- Lengthy interrogations (24 hr around the clock) by a team of 7 investigators after midnight.
2- Delivering false news regarding prisoner’s family members. The falsified news are regarding prisoner’s family member being beaten under torture, having heart attack and being transferred to hospital.
3- Broadcasting of harmful and annoying noises in prisoner’s cell, and preventing him from sleeping.
4- Insulting the prisoner and his family members.
5- Section 209’s guards insulting the students
6- All sorts of threats from threatening to kill beat and injure severely to harm prisoner’s family members.
7- Presenting falsified documents to prisoners concerning parent’s expulsion from their job or final verdict of 80 lashes.
8- Sending students to cells where dangerous prisoners are kept.
9- Promising release of the student, returning student’s belonging to him and taking him out of the section then returning the student to solitary confinement and applying corporeal ham.
10- Student being beaten by 7 interrogators simultaneously to the point that the student becomes unconscious and is brought to the ward of 209 section...
11- Kicking the arms, chest, back….and face, leading to ejection of the student from its chair and hitting him against the wall.
12- Beating on the handcuffs and creating bruises that would remain on student’s wrists for weeks.
13- Keeping the student in a cell that is extremely small, where there is no possibility for walking or even sleeping.
14- Keeping the student in cells without mattress or any other facility
15- Forcing students to stand up for 48 hours.
16- Using thick cables and weeps to beat the prisoner
17- Harming the student collectively (7 interrogators) by pressing foot on the head and face or by standing collectively on student’s back.
18- Forcing the student to stand up on one leg for 18 hours.
19- Pushing the prisoner so that he hits the wall.
20- Not serving food for 48 hours.
21- Beating the prisoner so severely during transfer to prison to the point that the responsible officers of section 209 refused to accept the prisoner.
22- Forcing students to constantly read frightening articles and then asking them to write and to recite the content.
23- Preventing students from being visited by a doctor or to use necessary drugs.
24- Forcing the student to sit and stand, or to bend and grab the ankles for a long period of time.

Protest of the student’s union of the University of Manitoba (Canada) against barbaric actions of the Islamic Republic
Following arresting student and worker activists and applying barbaric measures to create terror, a wave of international protests has risen against Iranian government’s medieval policies. Numerous campaigns, letters of complaint and extensive effort have started by human rights activists all around the world to stop torture and arrest in Iran.
Activists of the Communist Youth Organization have followed up this issue at the University of Manitoba and after discussion, university’s student union with 22000 members has asked the Islamic Republic through a complaint letter to stop applying barbaric measures against detained Iranian students and to release them immediately and unconditionally.

Communist Youth Organization while condemning arrest and torture of political activists, is asking for the immediate and unconditional release of these prisoners. We are calling upon all human rights activists and freedom lovers of the world to join the worker communist party’s campaign named “The International Campaign Against Islamic Republic’s Crimes”. For more information about the campaign and sign the petition, please click on the following link:
Down with the Islamic Republic
Viva Liberty and Equality
Communist Youth Organization
July 28th, 2007-07-30

Please find below the letter of the student’s union of the University of Manitoba
Dear Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I am writing on behalf of over 22,000 students at the University of Manitoba regarding the treatment and safety of students in Iran, in particular the arrests of Ehsan Masonry, Ahmad Ghasaban, Majid Sheikhpoor, Majid Tavakoli, Meghdad khalilpoor, and Pouyan Mahmodian. Babak Zamanian.
The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) condemns the actions of Iranian Authorities against Iranian students. UMSU condemns the violent actions taken by Iranian Authorities which includes the kidnappings and torture of the students detained. Further, the detention of students involved in the peaceful public demonstration, is unjustified and reprehensible.
The University of Manitoba Students’ Union calls upon the Iranian Government to allow the students immediate access to medical treatment outside of prison, access to family and given access to a lawyer. We also urge the Iranian Government to order a judicial review of this case and to release the students immediately and unconditionally if the review finds that they were imprisoned solely on the expression of their held beliefs.
The mistreatment of students for standing up for their rights does not go unnoticed by the international community, and I urge you to follow international standards and end the persecution of students and activists.
I look forward to you earliest response and immediate action to address the above concerns. Furthermore, I look forward to hearing about the immediate release of the students.
Thank you,
Garry Sran
President University of Manitoba Students’ Union
Local 103 Canadian Federation of Students

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