Communist Youth Organization

The Youth Branch of The Workers’ Communist Party of Iran

To all freedom-loving people

, and labour, student, women’s rights, anti-execution, and human rights organizations across the world

Protest the visit to Italy by the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad!

Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the President of one of the world’s most anti-human regimes, i.e., the Islamic Republic of Iran, is to attend the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization's three-day summit of world leaders on global food security, climate change and energy which opens June 3 in Rome. His presence in Italy must meet with the widest protests by all humanist, freedom-loving people in the country. They should not allow the President of a regime with a track record ridden with crimes against humanity to set foot in their country, or, if he did, do what they should to make sure that none of its authorities will ever dare to do so in the future.

The regime of Islamic Republic does not represent the Iranian people, but has been committing crimes against them, against the whole human community, indeed, or the past 30 years. Aside from the execution of tens of thousands of political activists since 1981, aside from the imprisonment and torturing of thousands of right activists in different fields of social life, it is a regime of sexual apartheid, i.e., it is officially against half of the 70-million population in Iran. It officially, i.e., in its laws, considers women as half of men. Further, it views them as sex objects, as the root of all depravity in society, and therefore prevents them from entering into many fields of social life or attaining certain positions. Besides, it has constantly persecuted them on a daily basis and at the street level for the past 30 years for “crimes” such as wearing make-up, the slightest violation of its inhuman dress code (hijab), for walking with an unrelated man, and so on. It has stoned dozens of women to death for out-of-wedlock sex. Several homosexuals have been hanged, or put in a sack and thrown off a high cliff. As reported by Amnesty International, it “has executed over 24 child offenders since 1990, more than all the other countries in the world; and since 2005, 14 child offenders, more than the rest of the world put together. At least 71 child offenders sit on death row in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Cutting off limbs and gouging eyes are frequently implemented as other parts of its Islamic code of punishment, observing, it claims, “strict hygienic standards”, of course!

At regional and international levels, it forms the cornerstone and the source of inspiration of Islamist terrorism. Its moral and material support for Islamist terrorist groups across the world, its planting bombs in all corners of the world killing and maiming innocent people, its endeavors to acquire nuclear weapons, have all contributed to turning it into a peril for the citizens of the globe. Besides, it is just ludicrous that now the president of a regime, itself responsible for imposing unprecedented levels of poverty and hunger on the people in Iran, is planned to take part in an international convention on securing food for the word! Workers in Iran have all been impoverished during the three-decade-long rule of this regime. Inflation has been rampant and almost daily for the past 30 years, and the officially determined minimum wage is a third of what constitutes the poverty line according to the statistics produced by the regime itself.

Freedom-loving people of Italy!

You know the nature of this regime very well. You have in the past organized the most extensive campaigns in defense of the women in Iran, such as Kobra Rahmanpour, and against its other crimes. It is high time you, in solidarity with the people in Iran, demanded this regime be expelled and isolated from the rest of international community. It is high time you saw to it that Ahmadinejad, personally one of the cruelest authorities of this murderous regime, shall not be able to comfortably visit your country. The regime he represents is, indeed, worthy of what the people of the world did with the regime of racial apartheid in South Africa.

Our party, as the most steadfast and organized section of the Iranian opposition, calls on you to protest the visit to Italy by the representative of the terrorist, murderous, anti-woman, repressive regime of Iran through holding rallies, demonstrations, and any other means possible.

Long live international solidarity of the civilized, freedom-loving people!
Down with the Islamic, murderous regime in Iran!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Organization Abroad
May 31, 2008
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