Communist Youth Organization

The Youth Branch of The Workers’ Communist Party of Iran

On the occasion of May Day,International Workers’ Day

Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on all to
come forward for the expropriation of contemporary slave owners!
The International Workers’ Day approaches at a time when the world is being devoured by the monster of capital and its crisis. We are told to consume less, to tighten belts, not to make much noise, to give them an opportunity to revive the economy. What the capitalists, their politicians and their ideologues “forget” to mention is that crisis, poverty, austerity, unemployment, and being rightless are all creations of the bourgeoisie and its states. They promise new market and stock exchange regulations. In return, they ask us to compensate the losses of the banks and international slave owner giants so that the interest rates would hike again and production would resume. We would be annihilated, they claim, without exploiters and their institutions and states, without their thefts and extravagances, without their wars and conflicts! They claim these quite shamelessly, indeed. And if we do not buy these lies and speak against it them, they will confront us with their arsenal of tear gas, taser guns, police force, jails, courts, mosques, churches, parliaments, politicians, and professional liars. This arsenal has been created on our backs. The cost of bulding and maintaining this arsenal is more than enough to uproot hunger, disease, illiteracy, drug addiction, prostitution, and the destruction of environment worldwide.
As long as political power is in the bosses’ hands and they make all the decisions for the world, the situation will remain, more or less, the same. If they would not burn down the entire world in their wars and competitions, which is the best-case scenario, they will get through their crisis by imposition of an unprecedented level of misery on us. They might cave in to some reforms for the fear of our protests, but the hell of wage slavery and rule of capital, profit, market, crisis, and, yet again crisis, will hold.
May Day is the day to confront this dilemma with our international ranks. This confrontation has to be, first and foremost, a political confrontation. We have to come forward aiming at the political expropriation of contemporary slave owners and take our destiny into our own hand. All the traditional May Day demands, ranging from reduction in work hours to unemployment insurance, provision of health, a decent wage, freedom of organization and strike, and political freedoms are all crucial for us. However, May Day 2009 is about more fundamental issues. It is about a showdown with the capitalist rule itself, that is, with the system of wage slavery and its state. Capitalism has to go. Socialism is the only viable response to the world problems. This is now accepted and stated by many. The first step toward socialism, however, is the political expropriation of the bourgeoisie, i.e., the conquest of political power and taking control of the society by the workers and the people who have no interest in the survival of exploitation. That is why the fundamental issue of this International Workers’ Day is preparing all the workers and the underprivileged people to determine the political fate of the society, that is, preparing them for the struggle for political expropriation of the bourgeois class and all the thieves, charlatans and demagogues who are responsible for the present situation.
In Iran, the Islamic regime of capital is undergoing an all-round, grave economic, political and social crisis. Any serious, sustained improvement in the lives of the people has an objective pre-condition: bringing down the ruling bourgeoisie and establishing a socialist republic. May Day is an opportunity for the workers and all the people who are fed up with the Islamic rule of capital to declare their hatred from the regime of billionaire mullahs and display their resolute will for overthrowing the misogynist, anti-joy, and anti-freedom Islamic government. The Worker-communist Party, leading the working class and freehearted people, will attempt to turn the International Workers’ Day, in Iran and abroad, to a day for ever-more achievements for the camp of freedom and equality (the camp of welfare, happiness and socialism) and to a day for increasing exposition and isolation of the Islamic Republic and preparing conditions for its overthrow through the revolutionary force of the workers, and people at large.
Long Live May Day!
Long Live Solidarity of Workers of the World!
Down with Capitalism!
Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!
Long Live Freedom, Equality, Worker’s Rule!
Worker-communist Party of Iran
April 2, 2009
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