Communist Youth Organization

The Youth Branch of The Workers’ Communist Party of Iran

Fitnah! Movement for Women’s Liberation!

Today, we establish Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation.
Fitnah is a protest movement demanding freedom, equality, and secularism and calling for an end to misogynist cultural, religious and moral laws and customs, compulsory veiling, sex apartheid, sex trafficking, and violence against women.
We remind the Islamic regime of Iran and Islamists everywhere that the women’s liberation movement is a source of fitnah for their rule alone.
We are Islamism’s worst fitnah!
Abdol Golparian, Labour Activist, Finland
Adam Lee, Blogger, Daylight Atheism, USA
Afsaneh Vahdat, Coordinator, International Campaign for Women’s Rights in Iran, Sweden
Amanda Brown, We are Atheism, Atheism Resource and Atheists Giving Aid, USA
Amina Tyler, FEMEN Tunisia, Tunisia
Amir Ilkhanzadeh, Communist Youth Organization, Iran
Annie Sugier, President, Ligue du Droit International des Femmes, France
Armin Navabi, Founder, Atheist Republic, Canada
August Berkshire, Atheist Speaker and Activist, Past Vice President of Atheist Alliance International, USA
Avijit Roy, Founding Moderator, Mukto-Mona, Science Writer and Activist, Bangladesh
Babak Yazdi, Director, Khavaran, Canada
Bahram Soroush, Civil Rights Activist, UK
Behroz Mehrabadi, Editor, International, Sweden
Bill Ligertwood, Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought, Canada
Cahit Kaya, Director, Humanist News, Germany
Carlos A. Diaz, President, Atheist Alliance International, Argentina
Caspian Cavalera, Iranian Atheist Confederation, UK
Cezar Maroti, President, Romanian Humanist Association, Romania
Chadi Bejjani, Lebanese Atheists, Lebanon
Clive Aruede, Organiser, London Black Atheists, UK
Dario Picciau, Artist, Filmmaker and Human Rights Defender, EveryOne Group, Italy
David Nicholls, President, Atheist Foundation of Australia, Australia
David Silverman, President, American Atheists, USA
Deborah Kupperberg, Activist and Civil Servant, Belgium
Derek Lennard, Campaign Coordinator, Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, UK
Djemila Benhabib, Writer and Politician, Canada
DPR Jones, The Magic Sandwich Show, USA
Dya Ahmad, Member of Youth Parliament in Iraq and Secretary of Student and Youth organisation in Iraq
Edith Rubinstein, Woman in Black, Belgium
Eli Vieira Araujo Junior, Secular Humanist League of Brazil, Brazil
Eric Jayne, President, Minnesota Atheists, USA
Esam Shoukry, Head, Organization for Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq, Canada
Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar, Iraqi Founder, Global Secular Humanist Movement, USA
Fariborz Pooya, Chair, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and Iran Secular Society, UK
Farideh Arman, Chair, Women’s Rights Association, Sweden
Farzana Hassan, Writer, Canada
Gabi Schmidt, Activist, Germany
Ghulam Mustafa Lakho, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, Pakistan
Giti Thadani, Writer, India
Hamid Taqvaee, Secretary, Worker-communist Party of Iran, Canada
Harold Walter Kroto, Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winner and Margaret Kroto, UK
Hartmut Krauss, Author, Germany
Helen Palmer, Chair, Central London Humanists, UK
Horus, Atheist Society of Lebanon, Lebanon
Ibn Warraq, Writer, USA
Ibrahim Abdallah, Founder, Muslimish, USA
Imad Iddine Habib, Founder, Moroccan Council of Ex-Muslims, Morocco
Inna Shevchenko, Spokesperson, FEMEN, France
Jacek Tabisz, President, Polish Rationalist Society, Poland
Jalil Jalili, Management Committee, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, UK
Jane Donnelly, Chair, Empowering Women Through Secularism conference, Ireland
Jaya Gopal, International Coordinator, International Committee to Protect Freethinkers, India
Jibriel Ousman, Somali Atheists and Secular Movement, Netherlands
John Perkins, President, Secular Party of Australia, Australia
Josh Kutchinsky, International Representative, Central London Humanists, UK
Julie Bindel, Writer, UK
Karin Vogelpohl, Pedagogue, Germany
Karl Karnadi, Founder, Indonesian Atheists, Indonesia
Kate Smurthwaite, Comedian, UK
Katie Hickman-Grayling, Writer, UK
Keyvan Hosseinnejad, Communist Youth Organization, Sweden
Keyvan Javid, Political Activist, UK
Khalil Keyvan, Head, New Channel TV, Sweden
Kian Azar, Communist Youth Organization, Sweden
Laura Guidetti, Marea Review, Italy
Lloyd Newson, Director of DV8 Physical Theatre, UK
Louise Mailloux, Author and Secular Activist, Canada
Mahin Alipour, Executive Director, Equal Rights Now, Sweden
Mahin Darvish Rohani, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Germany
Martha Jean Baker, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, UK
Maryam Jamel, Organisation of Women’s Liberation of Iraq
Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson, Equal Rights Now – Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran, One Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, UK
Melody Hensley, Executive Director, Center for Free Inquiry and Organizer of the annual Women in Secularism national conference, USA
Mersedeh Ghaedi, Former Iranian Political Prisoner, UK
Michael Dorian, NY Regional Director, American Atheists/Documentary Filmmaker, Co-Director, Refusing My Religion, USA
Michael Marshall, Merseyside Skeptics Society, UK
Michael Nugent, Chair, Atheist Ireland, Ireland
Michèle Vianès, President, Regards de Femmes, France
Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson, International Committee against Stoning, International Committee against Execution and Council of Ex-Muslims of Germany, Germany
Mitra Seyf, Women’s Rights Association, Sweden
Mohamed Mahmoud, Sudanese academic, UK
Mostafa Saber, Marxist Writer and Activist, Canada
Nadia El-Fani, Tunisian Filmmaker; most recent films “Neither Allah nor Master” and “Our Breasts; Our Arms”, France
Nahla Mahmoud, Sudanese Researcher and Human Rights Activist, UK
Naser Khader, Danish-Syrian former Member of Parliament, Denmark
Nasrin Behjuo, Peyvand Cultural Association, Germany
Nava Azadi, Communist Youth Organization, Sweden
Nazanin Boroumand, Council of Ex-Muslims of Germany, Germany
Nina Sankari, President, European Feminist Initiative Poland
Nowrin Tamanna, Academic and Activist, UK
Ouardia Derriche, Belgian-Algerian Feminist, Belgium
Patricia Shepheard Rogers, Vice Chair, British Humanist Association, UK
Patty Debonitas, Iran Solidarity, UK
Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation, UK
Rafiq Mahmoud, Activist, Indonesia
Raheel Raza, President, Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Canada
Rayhan Rashid, Blogger and member of International Crimes Strategy Forum, and Bangla Community Blog Alliance, UK
Rebecca Watson, Founder of Skepchick, USA
Regulus, Atheist Society of Lebanon, Lebanon
Reinout Zunderdorp, President, Humanist Historical Centre, Netherlands
Renée Blancheton, Women in Black, France
Reza Moradi, Activist, UK
Richard Dawkins, Founder, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, UK
Roberto Malini, poet, writer and human rights defender, EveryOne Group, International Organization for Human Rights, Italy
Roman Rome, Atheists of Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ronald A. Lindsay, President, Center for Inquiry, USA
Russell Blackford, Writer and Philosopher, Australia
Safia Lebdi, Founder, “Les insoumis-es”, France
Samia Allalou, Algerian Journalist, France
Samir Noory, Chair, Committee for Abolishing Capital Punishment in Iraq
Shahin Najafi, Independent Anarchist Artist, Germany
Shahla Daneshfar, Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran, UK
Shahnaz Moratab, Women’s Rights Campaigner and Coordinator of International Federation of Iranian Refugees, Germany
Shelley Segal, Singer and Songwriter, Australia
Shirin Shams, Communist Youth Organization, Sweden
Shishir Thadani, Writer, India
Shiva Mahbobi, Women’s Rights Campaigner, UK
Siamak Bahari, Editor, Children First Now Persian Publication, Sweden
Siavash Shahabi, Communist Youth Organization, Turkey
Sikivu Hutchinson, Editor, Blackfemlens and Blackskeptics, UK
Sima Bahari, Women’s Right Campaigner, Sweden
Soad Baba Aissa, President, of Association pour l’ Egalité, la Mixité et la Laicité en Algérie, France
Sogand Alikhah, Communist Youth Organization, Turkey
Sohaila Sharifi, Iranian Women’s Rights Campaigner, UK
Soraya L. Chemaly, Writer and Activist, USA
Stasa Zajovic, Women in Black of Belgrade and Serbian Network, Serbia
Stephen Law, Provost, Centre for Inquiry, UK
Steve Chinn, General Secretary, Humanist Society Scotland, UK
Sue Cox, Co- Founder of Survivors Voice Europe, UK
Susan Saberi, Gothenburg Committee to Defend Women’s Rights, Sweden
Tarek Fatah, Writer, Canada
Taslima Nasrin, Bangladeshi Writer, India
Tauriq Moosa, Writer, South Africa
Terry Sanderson, President, National Secular Society, UK
Tom Flynn, Executive Director, Council for Secular Humanism, USA
Waleed Al-Husseini, Palestinian Blogger and Founder of Council of Ex-Muslims of France, France
Wissam Moussa, Atheist, Lebanon
Wolfgang, Atheist Society of Lebanon, Lebanon
Yolanda Rouiller, Women in Black, Spain
Zari Asli, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Canada
Zohreh Safaei, Communist Youth Organization, Iran
For more information, contact:
Mina Ahadi, +49 (0) 1775692413
Keyvan Javid: +44 (0) 7861476869
Maryam Namazie: +44 (0) 7719166731
BM Box 1919, London WC1N 3XX, UK
Website: (under construction)
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