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Chia Barsen: The International student movement: the spark to every revolution!

This year the International Student Movement was successful in organizing a 10,000 people march in London and other cities around the world. The Free Education march attracted college students, school children, veterans, and many human rights activists from across the country.

This was by no means a defensive protest to freeze tuition fees and other education costs, but rather an offensive action for a tuition-free education. This was a march on governments around the world to demand for the human right to education.

Student debt is a political tool to dominate, subjugate and repress the most revolutionary group in society. Students who are in-debt are far less likely to be agitators in society. Debt forces youth to keep quiet and not to question working conditions, benefits, job security and to accept high levels of financial exploitation. Student debt discourages youth from joining and attempting to create labor unions to fight for better wages and working conditions. In other words, a student’s debt is the chains in which capitalism keeps him/her as “obedient” wage slaves in our society.

Students around the world must also demand to change the content of education they are receiving. Fighting for a tuition free education is one important step forward, however if the content being taught in colleges and universities only supports the reproduction of a despotic system of exploitation, than it must be stopped! Universities must not be for-profit corporations that only function to increase their net profit value. Universities must be free institutions that teach emancipatory ideas that at the least challenge the statuesque and promote innovative thinking that upholds human rights and freedom at their core.

Western countries such as Britain and US, with their high tuition, are only generating short-term surplus at the cost of a catastrophic long term dwindling demand in the markets.  It has now become clear that by increasing tuition fees and consequently, student debt, it only works to reduce the purchasing power of a large section of consumers in society. Being in debt means that less goods and services are bought and in turn less revenue is generated by businesses across the country: the system shooting itself in the foot.

Changes to education are introduced as “reform” by the governments around the world, which translate into more privatization of educational institutions in addition to higher tuition fees. However these failed government policies are by no means miscalculated out of short sightedness of capital accumulation formula that favors short-term profits: this is a gross misinterpretation of the current education policies by capitalist governments around the world. These “reforms” are in reality far less about the short-term so called “deficit reduction” economics of a nation, but rather they are highly politically motivated to choke the student movement at its most revolutionary time in human history.

It is clear in history that youth are the group in society that create the biggest spark for revolution that other groups join. It is this revolutionary character that alarms capitalist regimes around the world and it is this spark they are so desperately trying to extinguish!

 Chia Barsen
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