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Chia Barsen: “I rather die than live like a rat!”

The attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris was an attack on the freedom of speech and a black mark on the face of basic 21st century human rights and values. The massacre at the Charlie Hebdo office, once again reminds the world of the reality of Islam as a religion in the face of Western apologists of a “peaceful” and “tolerant” Islam.

The aftermath of this tragedy and other attacks such as this, is important in the way that it shapes the political world and social consciousness towards Islam as a religion. Islamists around the world may be celebrating that they have won a battle against a small French magazine, and that they have protected the image of their Prophet, but this is in fact far from reality.

The reality of Islam and the life of Muhammad are both bursting with human rights violations, one of many being paedophilia (Prophet Muhammad marrying and raping a 9 year old girl). Every strike against human rights and values, any attack against human dignity, will only expose Islam further and will only marginalize and undermine the Islamic apologists.  Any person today that holds 21st century human values and opens the Quran will be appalled and repelled by the Koran’s misogynistic, child abusing, and inhuman verses.

To those that say that people’s beliefs must be respected: we say that no belief is sacred, and no belief is precious. We must ,and should, criticize all beliefs, and we must especially be able to voice our anger and disdain towards those belief systems that propagate and promote gross human rights violations! It is the human being and his/her rights and freedoms that must be protected not a system of fictitious ideas! Islam as a religion represents intolerance and fanaticism. How many more attacks will take for some of us to see the reality of Islam as we now see that of the Catholic Church?

In the face of an attack on our human right to the freedom of speech we must expose Islam even more than ever. We must drive back the Islamists with our voices and break the “sacredness” of Islam wherever it may be. And most importantly, we must not let the Islamists win with their method of using terror and intimidation! When the editor of the Charlie Hebdo was asked why he does not stop using images of Mohammad he simply said: “I rather die than live like a rat”.

Chia Barsen
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