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Chia Barsen: There is another alternative to “Isamophobia” and neo-Nazism!

The BBC and other major European news media are once again apologizing for Islam in the wake of three arson attacks on mosques in Sweden.  The attacks on the mosques follow recent neo-Nazi demonstrations in Germany and an Islamist attack in a café in Australia.

The arson attacks on Swedish mosques have once again awakened a new wave of Western governments and Muslim groups coming to the rescue of Islam: waving their nonsensical go-to card “Islamophobia”. This word is now being used as weapon to essentially stop all critique of Islam and to prosecute human rights activists, women’s rights activists, atheists, and socialists as both “racist”, “hateful” and “intolerant”. This attack on political activists are taking place given the reality that Islam is itself the most intolerant ideology and continuously promotes and propagates gross human rights violations with misogyny and child abuse being at the very heart of it.

On the other hand, the neo-Nazis are often displayed in the media as an isolated group that emerges now and again and is outside the ruling capitalist economic class: they are portrayed as holding views that are the not concurrent with the ruling class. This is far from the truth; in fact the neo-Nazi groups are at the very heart of the system and are used by the system to promote divisions within the working class to suppress wages, benefits and workers’ solidarity and to give the neo-liberal governments a facelift during times of heavy austerity cuts.

It is important to note that it is only under capitalist dictatorship of society that you have both a neo-Nazi group as well as Islamic apologists marching down the streets with full police protection. Meanwhile any person or political group that raises its head above the rest to criticize economic inequality that is embedded within the wage slavery capitalist system is viciously oppressed and prosecuted.

The working-class has a third alternative to Islamists and neo-Nazism. The choice is never between supporting a religion and a far right capitalist group. The economic, social and political interests of the working-class are not divided between neo-Nazis and Islamists. Both these choices are minorities in society. They both represent the same political class that pillages economically and alienates humanity from his/her own self. Both these groups are tools to suppress the working class and to put a tape over the mouth of those who struggle for a better world.  

Only by joining the struggle for a world without wage slavery and religion can one truly dignify humanity. This is the struggle of 21st century conscious person, the working-class, and the 99%: we are the majority. The economic, political and social interests of the working-class are to do away with all archaic and oppressive ideologies such as Islam and to dismantle the economically exploitative machinery of capitalism: this is humanities’ real alternative.
Chia Barsen

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