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International Women's Day must be a global response to Islam and all gender based violence!

International Women’s Day must be a global response to Islam and all gender based violence!
Just imagine an image of a women who is covered in hijab, her face and body bruised and burned by acid, and it will only capture part of the struggle faced by women today. From the rise of the most reactionary force in human history, ISIS, to the continuing increase in gender based violence in countries such as Turkey and India: women’s struggle is truly global in scale. In a direct relationship with the rise of reactionary ideologies such as political Islam, there has also been sharp increase in attacks on women. Without a doubt the growth of patriarchy via religions such as Islam will only mean the continuous assault on women’s rights and freedoms now and into the future.

Today’s struggle in the Middle East is against reactionary forces such as ISIS and Al-Qaida as well Islamic government in Turkey and Iran who want nothing less than to wipe away women’s presence from all social, political and economic activities. In Afghanistan, a country that was recently emancipated from the tyrannical rule of the Taliban, women continue to be marginalized in politics with only 20% representation in the Afghan parliament. In this country, after years of war, school aged girls still live in daily fear of attacks only for accessing their very basic human right to education. Turkey, under the Erdogan administration, has seen a dramatic rise in both domestic violence and sexual assault against women, which is a result of Erdogan’s AKP party attack on Turkish secularism and his pursuit of Islamification of Turkey. The recent rape and murder of a Turkish female student is a testament to this.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the principal contributors of gender violence against millions of women in Iran. The Islamic republic of Iran is a regime that has consolidated its reign by restricting women from many spheres of social activities. With the imposed hijab and gender based laws, the Islamic republic wants nothing less than to domesticate women and reduce the access of this 50% of the population from their very basic human rights and freedoms. Despite the relentless state sanctioned repression, women of Iran stand as a revolutionary force. Any struggle against Islam laws such as the refusal to wear hijab, listening to music, and even dancing, is an attack on the Islamic republic of Iran.  Any step towards the emancipation of women in Iran is a direct revolutionary step towards the end of the Islamic republic and the freedom for millions of Iranian women.

The aim of the current women’s struggle against patriarchy, religion, domestic violence, sexual assault and gender based violence was captured and underscored by a recent FEMEN demonstration in Paris: stamping upon the black flag of ISIS. The fight against ISIS, religion and Islamic states is a women’s rights struggle. Women’s revolution today is represented by nothing less than a global united voice against reactionary regimes, forces and ideologies. In this fight, FEMEN who are an international vocal advocates of women’s rights, are standing along with the brave militant women of Kobani who risk their life in the battle for basic 21st century human values. As one Kobani women explained: “They (ISIS) are fighting to die, while we are fighting to live! This is why we will be victorious!”

The Communist Youth Organization of the Worker Communist Party of Iran is standing side by side with women in Iran, the Middle East and the world. We as an organization say No to Islam and to all gender based violence both state sanctioned and otherwise! Our organization underscores the importance of understanding that Islam and all religions, from the so called “peaceful” monks in South Asia to the Boko Haram fighters in Africa, in line with systemic gender inequality within capitalism, are the principle propagator of the oppression, humiliation of women and the degradation of women’s rights and freedoms! We must take a strong stance against the growth of Islam in the West that is propagating attacks on women and regressing the hard fought for gender equality rights. The only way to restore our human dignity is to take significant steps towards building a secular society where women are free from all reactionary ideologies as well as wage slavery. Together let us build a society free from imaginary deities and systemic inequalities, where human rights and freedom are actualized reality and are not just paper proclamations. We are the future and the future is socialism!
Communist Youth Organization

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