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The Threat of War and the Race of the Right-wing Opposition

With the increase in the probability of war, the intensification of war propaganda, and the escalation of tension between the USA and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the right-wing opposition to the Islamic regime has changed, that is, become more transparent.

Among those who oppose the war, some, under the pretext of defending the “motherland,” have shamelessly and openly declared that they would stand alongside the Islamic Republic while maintaining their “differences”. Others raise the banner of an already defeated “reform” and “Second Islamic Republic” in preparation for the next election masquerade. They hope to resell Khatami or Rafsanjani to the people as their saviours.

Others still are openly or covertly supportive of the war and hope for “regime change” so they can play the role of an Iranian “Chalabi,” “Karzai,” “Northern Alliance,” or “Jalal Talabani”. Some of them have written open letters to the Islamic regime warning of ground operations to support the USA’s aristrikes! They audaciously declare that they are ready for any crime and brutality with the support of US cruise missiles and jet fighters.

There is a third, yet marginal group that differs from those above. They had previously declared the defeat of the anti-regime movement and socialism; nowadays they use the war atmosphere and the actual dangers and difficulties that are caused by war to sell their hopelessness and defeatism. In fact they are following the aforementioned groups.

Clearly, though, Iran is neither Afghanistan nor Iraq. The actors of the political scene of Iran are not only the Islamic Republic or the right-wing opposition and the Iranian version of the “Northern Alliance” or “Chalabi”. There is a strong, left, radical, and secular social camp in Iran that stands against the Islamic Republic, the war, state terrorism, US-led regime change and all kinds of bourgeois opposition. This is the camp of humanity. This is the camp of libertarianism and egalitarianism. This is the camp of worker-communism, the camp of workers, of women, of teachers, and of the students.

The increasing threat of war intensifies the ongoing actual class struggle and polarization. This explains the aforementioned panic and the hysterics of the right-wing opposition forces. These groups do not oppose the war or the threat of war and the actual difficulties that are caused by it. To the contrary, they intend to resell their defeated and empty positions under the pretext of opposing the war or the threat of war. To the extent that they speak more openly, the political polarization of the society intensifies. To the same extent society decides between the left and the right – this notwithstanding the fact that in recent years the left has had hegemony.

Against this Rightism, the Worker-communist Party of Iran, representing the left pole of the society, the workers, women, youth, and all libertarian and egalitarian forces, declares that it will stand firmly against these right-wing projects. The Party will not let the continuation of the disaster that is called the Islamic Republic or the imposition of another disaster on the people with the pretext of the war. As we have announced in the Sixth Congress’ resolution about “The Threat of War and the Necessity of Revolutionary Overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, the only way to confront the war or the war atmosphere is the advancement of the revolutionary, anti-regime movement of the people, the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, and the establishment of a socialist republic. This resolution has clearly outlined the position and the tasks of our Party and our movement both in Iran and abroad in order to prevent the war, and our duties to lessen the difficulties that are caused by war and its immediate halt in the case the war happens. While trying to unite the widest social and international forces around this resolution we declare that we firmly oppose all those “solutions” that aim at the continuation of the Islamic regime in its existing form or in a moderated form; we oppose all those “solutions” that aim at resolving the political power issue despite people; we oppose any nationalist, ethnocentric, or chauvinist attempts. The response to the rightist race can only be the massive, extensive, leftist and revolutionary movement against the war and against the Islamic Republic and in favour of freedom, equality, and socialism.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran once again declares that the solution of the workers and the libertarians in Iran and all over the world to prevent the war, avert its disastrous consequences and to end it in favour of the camp of freedom and equality is the intensification and support of the opposition movements and the overthrown of the Islamic Republic through a people’s revolution.
No to War! No to the Islamic Republic!
Long Live the Socialist Republic!
Worker-communist Party of Iran
November 08, 2007

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