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Protest the Islamic Atrocities against Women and People of Afghanistan Sexual Apartheid must be Abolished Worldwide

The bill that recently was passed by the Afghan government and other Islamic bullies that rule Afghanistan is an example of sexual apartheid and Islamic atrocity against women. This bill, which apparently was ratified by Karzai and the parliament of Afghanistan in silence and brought to light by a UN employee, has gathered every reactionary and antihuman Islamic law against women in the same place. From polygyny to compulsory sexual intercourse with the husband, to custody rights and husband or father’s permission for the woman to go out of home; all these are signs of a full-scale sexual slavery.
This recent bill is so loathsome that even the foreign minister of the United States has expressed her concerns and NATO commander in Afghanistan has complained that he would not be able to justify the war in Afghanistan before the public in West. But doesn’t the US try to include “moderate Taliban” into government of Afghanistan? Is this law anything other than Taliban laws? The existing Afghan government is nothing but “moderate Taliban;” in other words, it is nothing other than benign, pro-Western political Islam. This recent law, after all, is the product of the conditions, which were formed by these forces. This is just a glimpse of the horrendous nightmare that has been going on in Afghanistan, especially against women.
The worker-communist Party of Iran expresses its deep detestation against this bill and strongly condemns the Islamic government of Afghanistan and its supporters. This law must be immediately abolished. WPI supports the struggles of women and all progressive organizations in Afghanistan and the efforts of all who fight to end this disgraceful slavery of women and who struggle to establish freedom and equality in this country. WPI will also do its part for the immediate abolishment of this law and condemnation of reactionary Islamic government of Afghanistan.
However, these are not sufficient. Observing this recent misogynist Islamic law, the international public should recognize the barbaric and antihuman character of sexual apartheid and slavery of women in Islam-ridden countries. Millions of women in Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, North African countries, and even heart of Europe are victimized by Islamic veiling, segregation of men and women, rapes that are “legalized” by Sharia law, honor killing, stoning, and a complete and repugnant deprivation of their rights, which is comparable to ancient slavery only, on a routine daily basis. Sexual apartheid, sexual slavery should be abolished. Laws about compulsory veiling and segregation of boys and girls and women and men should be condemned and abolished worldwide. In support of the struggles of women and people of Afghanistan WPI, which has been actively fighting on this battlefront for years, will now intensify its efforts in order to mobilize large-scale forces for abolishing sexual apartheid worldwide.
Long Live Unconditioned Equality between Women and Men all around the World!
Sexual Apartheid must be Abolished Worldwide!
Worker-Communist Party of Iran
April 4, 2009
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Anonymous said...

Islam it is not conducive to harmonius life between the sexes let alone between nations in the 21st Century. It belongs in the dustbin of history. The sooner someone takes out the trash the better.

Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view